How To Get A Loan On Structured Settlement?

How To Get A Loan On Structured Settlement?

Its very common for people to wonder “Can I get a Loan on a Structured Settlement”?  Without knowing the law in this area and how people actually are able to cash for structured settlements, seeking a structured settlement loan is quite natural.  In reality, however, when people get cash it is not by procuring a structured settlement loan or similar vehicle but it is through the sale of a structured settlement for a lump sum.  While much of the terminology surrounding these transactions use terminology that further confuse the issue of whether it is a “structured settlement loan” or not, the transactions are in fact, generally, straight sales of structured payments for a lump sum. is how it works in a few easy steps:

  1. You are a person entitled to receive structured settlement payments.  You either received the right to these structured settlement payments from the settlement of a lawsuit or through inheriting the structured settlement from a family member.
  2. The structured settlement payments are payable for a fixed period of time and sometimes for a fixed period of time, and then for life thereafter.  Occasionally, the structured settlement payment stream will provide for future lump sum payments.
  3. You contact a structured settlement company looking for a loan.  They instead of offering you a loan, provide you a “purchase price” in exchange for selling some or all of your structured settlement.
  4. While the structured settlement company may refer to things such as “net effective rate” and “gross effective rate”, these are meant as point of references. In actuality, you will not be “paying back” the purchase price that the structured settlement provides as a lump sum but instead the structured settlement company will collect the structured settlement payments directly from the annuity issuer.  As the structured settlement company is directly receiving the payments from the annuity issuer, the company will not likely incorporate your employment status or credit when calculating what they will pay you for the right to the structured settlement payments.
  5. In the event you agree to the transaction, the structured settlement company will provide you with paperwork that documents the terms of the structured settlement sale.  You will see that there is nothing in this paper that refers to a loan on structured settlement or structured settlement loan- except to possibly indicate “this is not a loan.”
  6. If everything is acceptable to you, they will ask you to sign the paperwork and the transaction will be processed in the courts, after notice to you and other interested parties, and after court approval, the structured settlement company will provide you with the purchase price.

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Can I Get A Structured Settlement Cash Advance?

How To Get A Loan On Structured Settlement?

Many companies offer structured settlements cash advances as part of the structured settlement buyout process.  If getting an advance on your structured settlement is a key consideration for you, please read further for some tips to consider when looking for a structured settlement cash advance:


  1. When people refer to a structured settlement cash advance, they are often referring to something different from a structured settlement buyout. A Structured settlement buyout involves the full and complete sale of structured settlement payment rights for a lump sum.  A structured settlement cash advance often refers to your receipt of some portion of the lump sum prior to final funding.  When talking to structured settlement companies be clear what they are referring to when they are discussing a structured settlement cash advance.
  2. How Quick Can I Get a Structured Settlement Cash Advance?  This is entirely dependent on the structured settlement company.  Unlike funding the sale of a structured settlement payments, structured settlement companies are free to provide you an immediate cash advance as part of the services they offer.  When you are speaking to a structured settlement company it is probably prudent to ask about how long it would take to get a structured settlement cash advance in the event you agreed to sell structured settlement payments to the company
  3. How Much Can I Get As Part of a Structured Settlement Cash Advance? This, again, is entirely up to the structured settlement company.  Structured settlement advances can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands of dollars- to much more.  It is once again a wise decision to address with the structured settlement company you are dealing with how much of a structured settlement advance they will provide prior to executing any agreements with them.  They should be comfortable putting their commitments to you in writing.
  4. Do I Have to Repay the Cash Advance if the Judge Denies My Sale of a Structured Settlement? This is a very important question and different structured settlement companies may have different answers.  If this is an important issue to you, please make sure to clarify the structured settlement company’s policy on repayment of cash advances on denied transactions.

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Can I Sell My Structured Settlement?

Can I Sell My Structured Settlement?

There was a time when questions surrounded whether one could sell his or her structured settlement.  To address this issue and so that people in need could access cash from their structured settlement safely and in a systematic fashion, the United States Congress passed a law that governs how and when people can sell their structured settlement.  The Federal Law can be found at 26 U.S.C 5891.  You can find a copy of this law elsewhere on this website.


The Federal Structured Settlement Protection Act, in short, provides for the mechanism and framework for the assignment and sale of structured settlements pursuant to the law of the state where the person that is entitled to the structured settlement lives.  Sound complicated?  It can be but experienced structured settlement buyers know the Federal Law and how it relates to the laws of the various states.

So what does the state law say about selling your structured settlement?  Its pretty straightforward.  In the states that have passed laws, you can sell your structured settlement for a lump sum if:  a court approves the sale.  While there are some technical paperwork and timing requirements that must be complied with, at the end of the day it is simply establishing that the selling your structured settlement for a lump sum is in your best interest.  Of course, there are additional findings that a Court or Judge must make but the determination that the sale of your structured settlement is in your best interest is often the most critical one along the way.   Once again, you will be able to find the specific state structured settlement transfer act, for the state where you live,  elsewhere on this website.  You can rest assured that a structured settlement buyer with experience is very familiar with how to comply with both the Federal and State law.

So in conclusion:

  1. Yes, you can sell your structured settlement or just part of the structured settlement
  2. The Process is controlled by Federal and State law

It is the responsibility of the structured settlement buyer to comply with the law and therefore selecting the best structured settlement with the right experience is important decision.

How Can I Get Cash For Structured Settlement?

How Can I Get Cash For My Structured Settlement?

Many people with structured settlements look to access cash from them every day. Throughout the country, on an annual basis, countless people inquire with companies about how to get cash for structured settlement and structured payments from settlement.  Many decide that moving forward to get cash for structured settlement is the best decision for them, others elect to pursue other avenues to raise the funds they need.

The most frequent way people get cash for structured settlements is by working with what are known as (1) structured settlement buyers) or (2) structured settlement factoring companies.  These are outfits that in exchange for the right to collect some or all of your future structured settlement will provide you with an immediate lump sum.  Here is what to know:


  1. You Do Not Need to Sell Whole Thing to Get Cash for Structured Settlement
  2. You can get cash for future payments from a structured settlement.  You do not need to sell the immediate payments.
  3. You do not have any obligation to repay the lump sum you get from the factoring company, they collect the structured settlement payments as they become due under the original agreement.
  4. Aside from certain debts, your creditworthiness and your employment history does not come into play when it comes how much a structured settlement buyer will pay you.
  5. The cash for structured settlement you receive from the structured settlement buyer comes to you shortly after the court approves the sale of the structured settlement.  (You can read elsewhere on the website regarding how the legal process of selling a structured settlement works).
  6. You can get cash for a structured settlement that you received yourself, inherited from a family member, or was granted to you as part of a divorce.
  7. You can many times get far more cash for your structured settlement if you shop around and speak to multiple buyers. Structured settlement buyers will often compete for your business

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Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments

Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments: Tips To Sell & Buy

Who buys life contingent structured settlement payments and how do I know when they start and how much are they?  Some many questions surround the sale of life contingent structured settlement payments that it is clear that some guidance on the topic is in order.  Simply put life contingent payments is income you will receive for as long as you are living.  Here are some of the ways you may hear them referred to as:

  1. Life contingent structured settlement payments
  2. Structured settlement payments guaranteed for life
  3. Out of guaranteed period structured settlement payments
  4. Life contingency structured settlement payments

Going through with the sale of life contingent structured settlement payments requires some additional steps when compared to the sale of ordinary structured payments. These steps mandate you are a little more active in working with the structured settlement company you chose and also that you provide more information about yourself.  In light of this, it is more important than ever to choose the structured settlement company carefully- you want a professional group with SPECIFIC experience in buying life contingent structured settlement payments.

Some of the general information that the company should request prior to providing you with a cash for life contingent structured settlement payments quote is:

  1. When do your life contingent structured settlement payments begin and what is the frequency that they are paid?
  2. How much is each of your structured settlement payments?
  3. What company makes the life contingent structured payments?
  4. What state do you live?

Some of the questions specific to selling life contingent structured settlement payments may include:

  1. Your age, including month, day and year.
  2. Your height
  3. Your weight
  4. Tobacco use
  5. Medicine you are prescribed and/or take

There are some additional personal questions that you may be asked as the structured settlement company evaluates how much they will pay you for life contingent structured settlement payments.  In light of the personal nature of these inquires, you may want to limit the number of life contingent structured settlement buyers you speak to but at the same time speak to several so you are confident you are getting a fair quote.  Further, it is absolutely critical that you work with a structured settlement buyer that is very experienced in this nuanced area.

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What Are The Best Structured Settlement Companies?

What Are The Best Structured Settlement Companies?

The best structured settlement companies are sometimes hard to find. The first step is to distinguish between the best known structured settlement companies from the best structured settlement companies. The two types of structured settlement companies are not necessarily one in the same. That is to say, just because a company runs endless commercials hawking offers to provide cash for structured settlement payments does not mean they will provide you with either the top service or top lump sum payout for structured settlement payments. In fact, you may be surprised how much more cash for your structured settlement you might receive if you take some very basic steps and avoid just accepting the first offer.

Steps You May Want to Follow in Picking the Best Structured Settlement Company for You

Step One: Determine you actual need to convert your structured payments to a lump sum. Review alternative ways to get the money you need and then compare which is the best route for you to take.

Step Two: Speak to a variety of structured settlement companies. See what they offer and what additional features they provide aside from the lump sum for structured settlement payments. Inquire about partial structured settlement buyouts as well as full buyouts. In doing so, you will see offers vary and that you will find a structured settlement company that seems to be the above others in terms of top service and best offer to you. Hopefully, that will be the same structured settlement company.

Step Three: Once you have the offers from the best structured settlement companies, take a step back and let the proposals “rest”. While you may have an urgent need for a lump sum, the best structured settlement companies will commit to keeping their offers open for a period of time. Taking a day or two to consider the alternative or options is something the best of the best structured settlement companies will undoubtedly grant you.

After speaking to several of the best structured settlement companies and taking whatever time you need to review their offers, move forward confidently with the company that you feel is the top fit for you. Your instinct is probably right as it should be clear to distinguished in the inexperienced structured settlement companies that rely on sales puffery from the professionals after you have spoken to several.

How To Sell A Structured Settlement For Cash

How To Sell A Structured Settlement For Cash

Whether you have a structured settlement or just interested in the topic, you may be wondering “why sell a structured settlement for cash?” It’s a question that creeps into individuals minds as they watch those late night television commercials from companies like JG Wentworth and one that people with structured settlement payments consider frequently.

The truth is that it is often a good idea not to sell a structured settlement for cash. You instead should keep the security that comes from have an entitlement to periodic payments over time from highly respect annuity issuers. While you may occasionally here about financial troubles of large companies, structured settlements are, by and large, very secure and you should be confident that you will receive the precise amount due to you under the structured settlement and precise amount guaranteed. While over time, there have been exceptions to this- the fact of the matter is that by and large you can have a lot of security that companies like Metlife, New York Life, John Hancock, American General (AIG), Berkshire Hathaway, Pacific Life, Symetra (Safeco), Genworth and the like will fulfill the obligations to make the structured settlement payments due to you.

Every once in a while a structured settlement recipient may be faced with a need for an immediate income. This happens both when times are good and times are bad. For example, the loss of a job may create strains that can be solved by receipt of some immediate cash and on the other side of the coin, an opportunity to buy a dream home or start a business may arise. When these types of happenings occur, you may consider raising a lump sum by selling a structured settlement. This decision, and it could be the best thing for you, should not be done in haste.

Considering your options and the ramifications of moving forward to sell a structured settlement is critical. Immediate income of cash for a structured settlement could be great but you must balance and weight the upside of this against the void in future security that will come about if you were not to receive the anticipated structured settlement payout as scheduled under the annuity. As part of the evaluation, you may want to consider getting quotes for what you would get if you were to sell part of a structured settlement.

No one can make the decision of whether selling a structured settlement is the correct decision for you. This is also no harm, generally speaking, in getting an idea what a buyer would pay you for your structured settlement. Quotes are generally free and if you work with the best companies to get a quote, you should not experience any harassment or pressure.