Meet Our Team

Who are we?

Our team is unique in the industry.  We are nationally recognized experts in the process of buying and selling structured settlement and annuity payments.  We have reviewed, processed and funded thousands of transaction involving the assignment or sale of structured annuity payments for a lump sum.  Our group has funded millions of dollars to customers looking to get both large and small sums of cash for their annuity payments. If you want to work with professionals, and not fast talking salespeople, you are the customer we want to work with.

What is our focus?

We focus on customer service by providing the most professional service in the industry.   Within the organization, there is an unwavering commitment to honesty in pricing and transparency when it comes to the process of converting future structured settlement payments to a lump sum.  Unlike the service you may receive from our competitors, with Select Funder’s team of professionals you are not “bounced around” from customer service rep to customer service rep.  Instead you work with one point person that knows everything about your transaction from start to finish and at any given moment can provide you with an accurate and thorough update of the status.

What type of payments do we work with?

Our experience, as well as our financing, allows us to work with nearly any type of structured annuity payments:

They fit together like pieces of a puzzle

1. While some groups may tell you that your annuity is “too small” or “too far out”, we are frequently able to assist people that have been turned down by other companies.

2. We have no limitations on capacity. There is no structured settlement that is too big for us to convert to a lump sum

3. We can buy life contingent annuity payments. We even purchase life contingent lottery payments. While other buyers may fumble around trying to get you quotes and cash for these type of “nonguaranteed” future payments, our group has completed transactions buying life contingent payments due out as far as 30 or 40 years.

4. Future lump sum payments can easily be converted to immediate lump sum payments. You may be very surprised what you can get today for your future payments and wonder why you ever thought about waitingto get your cash.

At Select Funders we are constantly available to our customers or potential customers. If you want any information about who we are, what we offer, or how much we can pay you for your future payment stream, call us.