Whats Your Best Offer to Sell a Structured Settlement?

Let Us Make it Your Second Best Buyout Offer
The company you choose matters when you sell a structured settlement.  It will make a difference at every point in the transaction from the initial offer you receive to the speed and efficiency in which the transaction is processed to rapidness of getting funded.  Does experience matter?  You bet it does.

Our team has a unique blend of real experience in working with people from across the country selling a structured settlement for a lump sum.  Let us address some of the common questions that come up?
structure_settelment1. How much is my structured settlement worth?  No question is more common and no question is harder to answer “generally”.  Structured settlements vary more than might imagine.  Some pay monthly, some pay in lump sums, some are life contingent and yet others are blends of all of this.  The “value” of your annuity depends on these things, as well as things like who the annuity issuer is, the amount of the payments and when the annuity issuer pays the structured payments.   The best way to figure out the “value” of the structured annuity payments is to ask around to various companies.

2. Can I sell part of a structured settlement?  Yes, it is very common for individuals to sell part of a structured settlement.  We regularly buy part of a structured settlement from our customers and sometimes we can pay you the same or MORE cash as another structured settlement buyer may offer to buy more of annuity.

3. How Far Out Can I Sell a Structured Settlement?  Depending on what my annuity is like I may be able to sell  my structured settlement payments due 30, 40 or even 50 years from today.

4. Can I Sell Life Contingent Structured Annuity Payments?  Yes, it is legal and feasible to sell life contingent structured settlement payments for cash.  The process of getting cash for life contingent annuity payment, however, is slightly more involved and takes a greater level of expertise than guaranteed structured settlement payments.  Before you waste a lot of time and or experience significant delays, speak to one of our experts for an explanation about what is involved in selling life contingent annuity payment.

5. What are My Options to Get Cash Advance on a Structured Settlement?  Many of the companies that work with people selling a structured settlement will provide cash advances. These “cash advances” generally mean an early payment on the full purchase price.  We provide every customer an immediate structured settlement cash advance.  If you request, it we will pre-qualify you for a specific amount PRIOR to the time you sign an agreement with us.

6. Can I Get Loan on My Structured Settlement?  Yes and no.  As you may have already learned, most banks will not consider issuing you a loan using a structured settlement as collateral.  Keep in mind that when you sell a structured settlement, the amount you receive is generally not impacted by whether you are employed and/or you have no credit or bad credit.  You may be very surprised how favorable the terms can be if you sell your structured settlement to the right buyer.

7. Why Do I Need a Judge’s Permission to Sell My Structured Settlement? If we had a dollar for every time we answered this or similar questions.  The fact is that there is federal and state law that requires a court to approve the sale of “my structured settlement”.  This is true whether you are 18 or 80, whether you are unemployed or a professor at Harvard.  Whether the law is appropriate or not can be debated, but the simple fact is before you “sell my structured settlement” and get the lump sum, a Court MUST find it is in your best interest.  Of course, how much time and attention any particular judge will spend on analyzing whether it is in your best interest varies and a well presented case can make all the difference—it’s one of the key reasons to work with an experienced structured settlement buyer.

These are just some of the questions we field at Select Funders each day.  You may have others and you may want additional information regarding some of the answers outlined above.  In either case, give us a call- let us work to get you what you need and equally as important…Let us get you a Quote Before You Sell a Structured Settlement to another Buyer