Sell Annuity

Each day people contact us from all corners of the country to get:

1. Quotes to sell annuity
2. Information on how to sell annuity
3. Options that relate to selling an annuity

With an experienced team that has handled countless transactions throughout the country, we can assist you regardless of the information you are looking for or the type of annuity you want/need to sell.  From the initial call or email, you will notice the team at Select Funders takes a different tone than our competitors may.  We are not looking to “close the deal” or “make a sale” but instead we want to provide you with ample details of what is involved in selling part of an annuity or the full annuity to a lump sum.  Sure, we want your business but we do not think that means pushing you forward before you are ready.  Instead, we want you to take your time, decide what is best for you and your family.

Thinks to keep in mind when you are selling an annuity for a lump sum (some which may be obvious, and some which may not be so obvious):

1. The face amount of your annuity payments- All things being equal, a payment due in 2 months is more valuable than 2 years).

2. The timing of your annuity payments—a $50,000 annuity payment due in 1 year is more valuable than a $100,000 annuity payment due in 15 years.

3. You Can Sell Part of Annuity in Many Cases:  Whether you are getting monthly annuity payments or a lump sum annuity- you may be able to sell just party of your annuity to get a lump sum.

4. You Can Sell Life Contingent Annuity Payments:  There are various factors that go into this and you want to speak with an experienced life contingent annuity buyer like Select Funders.

5. Some Annuity Payments Can NOT Be Sold- Even if you have spoken to other annuity buyers and they said “you can not sell your annuity”- speak to us.  We have helped people in the past get a lump sum even after other annuity buyers said selling was impossible.

We are available at your convenience and when you are ready to discuss options- without pressure and without any cost.

You Can Call or Email Us Anytime.