Best Structured Settlement Buyers In the Nation

It is one thing to claim that you are the best structured settlement buyer, it is quite another to actually back it up. How do we back up our claim at SF to be one of the best structured settlement buyers in the business?
SS_Buyers1. Experience: We didn’t just start working on structured settlement buyouts yesterday. Our team has vast experience, in different capacities, with structured settlement sales throughout the country. We have worked with all types of structured settlement annuities, from guaranteed to life contingent, different structured settlement annuity issuers, and structured settlements ranging from small to large. In all likelihood, our team has experience with your type of structured settlement in the state where you live. This experience means an easier, smoother process than you might find with a structured settlement buyer that does not have the same level of expertise.

2. Advances: Structured settlement advances are often a critical aspect of a transaction. Some structured settlement buyers will only provide a minimum amount or are vague about the amount of the cash advance they will provide. We think the best structured settlement buyers provide (1) firm guarantees on how much they will and (2) advances large enough to meet the request of their customers. Upon request, we will provide you the details and amounts of advances you qualify prior to execution of any documents.

3. Rates: Structured settlement buyers are best when the pricing is clear and the customer understands exactly what they will receive. Along these lines, we provide every customer with “net” structured settlement buyout quotes. We do not deduct any administrative or processing fees at time of funding. Never.

4. Updates: If we have heard one complaint more than any other it is: “After I signed the contract, the structured settlement buyer did not return my calls or provide me with status updates.”. Because we think best practice involves keeping customers abreast of status of their transactions, we assign each customer with a specific specialist. This specialist with be knowledgeable of your file and easily accessible to answer any of your questions. You will also always be able to speak to the specialist’s manager.

Being the best structured settlement means putting customer service first. We are committed to this principle every step of the way. We think we exceed the customer service standards of other structured settlement buyers. We hope you contact us and let us show you.