Why We are The Best Structured Settlement Buyers!

iStock_000020296676XSmallIf you are considering selling your structured settlement payments for cash, you are probably aware that the sale of such payments isn’t as easy as selling some of your other assets. Nearly every state has laws that regulate the transfer of structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash. To that extent, virtually every state requires the advance court approval of these structured settlement conversions before they are valid and enforceable under law. When selecting a structured settlement buyer you want to go with experience and trust.

Most Cash: Shop Around, Bring Us Any Offer You Have for Cash for Structured Settlement and We will Beat it. More importantly, you will have the confidence to know that with us you will get clear, upfront pricing with no surprises or last minute hidden fees.

Experience: We have been doing this for years. We are professionals. Our management team has been facilitating the sale of structured settlements for cash for years. We have the experience to get you the money you need and do it effectively. If you want to avoid delays and broken promises, we are the group to choose. There is no doubt about this. We know that as soon as you speak to us, you will recognize how much difference it makes to work with professionals with nationwide experience. Whether you are selling guaranteed or life contingent structured settlement payments we can work with you to develop options you find to be in your best interest. Give Us A Call and Let Us Earn Your Business

We are committed to bringing you the best service, in the most honest fashion, when it comes to getting money for your structured settlement. If you have already spoken to other structured settlement buyers, we welcome you to call us and challenge us to do better- whether it is in regard to pricing, advances, funding speed or additional services. We know once you speak to us, the decision to select us as your structured settlement buyer will be clear.